Nerina Pallot

"Real Late Starter"

REAL LATE STARTER Lyrics by Nerina Pallot
I woke up late today
Actually I do that everyday
Got no place to be seen
I'm not part of a scene
I'm a genius loser
Keeping counsel with my own opinion
President of the state that I'm in
Should I just stay in bed?
Should I live in my head?
Oh God, so many questions to ask

Oh, you could call me lazy
I think of it as taking my time
'Cause I don't want to do what I dont want to do
I'm the queen refusenik

But - oh my God if I was somebody I'd be doing it all just fine
But I'm a real late starter
So I'm making up for lost time
Oh my God if I was somebody you'd be kissing my a** right now
But I'm so polite I do it all of the time
I missed my calling in life
Oh well

Day by day I wonder
If I will be torn asunder
By these things that I know that nobody else knows
Or maybe it's the drinking

Kids we should consult a Bible
Everybody needs a sign - oh!
Bless the birds and the bees
The flowers and trees
And blessed be the slacker

You must be having a laugh?
Oh God youre having a laugh!

No point in worrying if my days a disaster
Inside my little head I'm happy ever after
Yes I am


Oh what am I like?

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