Nieve Cook

"Chronic Intoxication"


Yo it"s a chronic intoxication
The rhythms of the mind got your heartbeat racing
Yo it"s a chronic intoxication
Free yourself of limits, never stop so place up
Yo it"s a chronic intoxication
The music of the mind got your heartbeat racing
Said that it"s a chronic intoxication
Free yourself of limits so you"ll never stop

[Verse 1]

This reminds me of old times, a mind is a terrible thing
I never thought that I"d rise to be a lyrical king
But yo to everyone"s surprise I"m alive and kicking
Got a voyeuristic mind, I gotta watch what I"m thinking
My reflections are eternal, Kweli told me once in a song
It might as well have been a gift from the gods
There"s certain lessons that I"ve taken to the grave
Yo enough of it all, give me the ball, let me take it to the pain
I don"t feel any pain, I won"t suffer defeat
The word is on the street that you worry bout Nieve
The world is at his feet, that one two that you had to run through
Put you in a coma, you can"t come to
Look at what you done to me
Turned me from an everyday beauty to a modern day beast
Yo they call it a disease, I say it"s from the earth
So I breathe, let me be yo you know what it be

[Verse 2]

I"m living quicker than the grey snow
Race through the wrinkles in time
My blurred vision keeps me blind from a beautiful mind
I can"t capture any words along my way throughout these chapters
Trapped behind the back page, cascades of past ways
And young thoughts, we used to have those big smiles
We were still so many miles from a broken heart
But nowadays we never think about the change
Really know what we"ve became really ain"t the same
I remember all the spread, big buildings on the corner
Used to stop the traffic when we held the microphone up
Although I was a phony, I cuffed hands in a tight fist
And they believed that a microphone exist
We would spin till the daylight dropped
Philosophize about our day, contemplate it on the way to the park
The wait of the dark is easy, homie, sit and relax
Find the light though is really the task, puff to that

[Verse 3]

Yo yo yo I need a little bit more, won"t get rid of it all
I need some so I can fly, be so high I can soar
I do it while I record to make magic out of nothing at all
? eight matches until one of them fall
And shake the ashes from a cigarette off
And what"s inside it ain"t a secret (nope)
Come and take a look you get excited when you see it
Yo I write it like a mean it cause I live what I say
One hit will get you lifted away, let"s take a different way
From what the others in the world might choose
If we follow all the rules then we all might lose
I"ll explore a different path in my all-white shoes
And leave tracks for some more white grooves
I put myself out on all my tunes
And you can feel me if you listen
Flipping up my style, I keep changing my position
I continue on my mission till the list complete
Burn the bitterness of life through my Swisher Sweet
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