Open Mike Eagle

"Rappers Will Die of Natural Causes"


They used to act all active and lawless
They used to live like bachelors balding
All actresses hit menopause and
Rappers will die of natural causes
They're gonna get hip fractures from falling
They're gonna need v***** and bypasses
They're gonna wait for their grandkids to call them
Rappers will die of natural causes

[Verse 1]

Hip hop's middle aged
The first rappers started young as Lil' Wayne
It's been three decades since the rhythm came
Original rappers are entering their brittle stage
The average black man's life span
Is like three fifths that of a white man
He never put five grand in a life plan
So he can't afford to fall cause he might land
In a clinic where the nurse is the night man
They're to sign in visitors and wipe a**
His record label never told him 'bout the flight plan
They shot videos on beaches with white sand
They say the game is for young guys
For the hungry, unshaved and the unsigned
They get a little bit of media sunshine
But they only see you how you were one time
And even now, rap is older than it's ever been
And young warriors develop into veterans
Pure phase with the gray hair peppered in
Setting reminders to take their medicine

[Verse 2]
Every hall of fame induction's ruined
Cause we wait for VH1 to do it
Like they know the fly s*** coast to coast
When they only recognize who sold the most
And to the unsung trend setters
Viacom says 'I guess you shoulda did better'
Reinforce a game full of ugliness
Cause they didn't know the name, but the publicist
And local fame is equated to nothingness
Unless the things that you made for the club were hits
Because they took rhymes serious
Most of my heroes will die penniless
And while they're alive and ruined by pain
Rap fans shall not Google thy name
The day you die, people share your music by AIM
That's postmortem internet eulogized fame

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