Paddy And The Rats

"Drunken Tuesday"

DRUNKEN TUESDAY Lyrics by Paddy And The Rats
It"s funeral on Monday, It"s shot in my coffee
And at the morning I woke up into the coffin
For Tuesday me gut"
s like roller coaster
Croweded all nite, clinked glasses with rooster
Wednesday we drank the pain away
Walkin" with Johnny on Saturday
For Thursday and Friday I don"t remember
So on Sunday restarted again

It"s another drunken Tuesday
My mama told me not to go out
But my lads are in the brewery
So let me go
Mama, let me go
Let me go, walked down, walked down on the road
Coming for you
I went to show my respect for Johnny next Monday
I drank with the father in the chapel for god"s sake
At the graveyards"s gate there was Jimmy and crew:
The tavern is waitin" for you
After two long weeks the drinkin" was over
I wallowed in my bed with a f*****" hangover
My mama came in with an unmoved stance
You gotta clean up your mess
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