"Don't You Know"

DON'T YOU KNOW Lyrics by Pandora
If we cant be lovers
I dont think we can be friends
You say you need a strong relation
But I say it all depends
You gotta know me
Have a feeling for my needs
But were two of a kind
and with different beliefs
So youre stressin, pressin,
I need your blessin
Theres no way that
Im excessin
Givin me a vision that I only fear
Yes, I gotta be out of here

Dont you know
Dont you know
Everytime you go
That your one-man-show
Leaves me alone
Dont you care
Dont you care
I dont think its fair
Cause we still got things to share
Everytime youre goin
Gotta get away baby
Gotta get away
Gotta get away baby
Gotta get away yeah

Its about time
to leave, Ive had enough
Lovin like this
aint easy but tough
It makes me wonder
Whats the meaning of our lives
When feelings like this
cannot be given a try
But your dream of illusion,
just delusion
Now Ive come to
the conclusion
The only way for me
to keep goin on strong
Is goin all alone
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