"Spider Desire"

SPIDER DESIRE Lyrics by Panic
Some illusions are not real
It's amazing what your mind
can make you see
it's amazing the things you feel
Just close your eyes
and think of something
that you never thought before
'cause there's eight legs
makin' their way across
the kitchen floor

Reds, greens, blues, magenta
Bill Bennett smokin'
a bowl of placenta
No perception of time, of s***e
look in the mirror
please just don't be
the same look on your face

Drop to the valley below
Do you truly believe
there's a white cane dry spider
crawlin' outta your girlfriends nose
Just realize
those trippin' images
that you find
are just insectual and blind
All inside your mind
Now tell me Mr. Spider
with your pink & purple dots
Surely you are not for real
surely you are just a htought
maybe not...

You're walkin around
like a zombie
in a thick lysergic daze
Your Uncle Harry's been dead
over 14 years
so why's he lookin' at you
that way
Drive 800 miles in an outomobile
ya got a sheet in a paper sack
with a picture of Nancy Reagan
on the back
No s***, no tricks
Get in the fire
It's all around you
ten-pound tarantulas
The things that often
seemed too much
have vanished in the dust
of a thousand widows
And though it often seemed as such
they just dont seem to
touch you anymore.
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