Seville (demo) Lyrics

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Gonna kill us all.

Oh Sheena kneels
And prays over the graves,
And wishes of her god
To be so brave.
The roses she had picked
Fall from her hand,
Onto the ground which
Will soon hold her and

Sheena Bella,
Sheena Bella.
Oh Sheena Bella walks,
And Sheena Bella strays.
Oh fetal Sheena
Counts off her last days
The colors of the grass,
The shadows on the floor,
The precious things that she
Had no time for
She was only 4 years old,
She was barely 4 years old.

Sheena Bella
Sheena Bella
Sheena Bella
Shenna Bella

Gonna kill us all.
Gonna kill us all.

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