"U Ain't a Real n****"

U AIN'T A REAL N**** Lyrics by Plies
Im Commited To Bein A Real n**** And Nuttin Else 100% Real n**** Nuttin Less I Stand A Real n**** That God Take My Last Breath I Do This s*** For The Few Real n***** In The Streets Left [x2]

I Had A Part Time Daddy The Streets Made Me A Man If I Had To Do It All Over Ill Let The Streets Raise Me Again The Enditement Showed Me Aint No Such Thing As A Real Friend I Had To Learn Of Da Good Heart That s***'ll Do Ya In Been f***** Over By My Homies Been f***** Over By My Kin Ill Bet One m*********** Thang It Wont Happen Again A p**** n**** Break A Real n**** Dont Bend Dont Trust A n**** That Dont Smile No More Than U Trust A n**** That Grin Dont Know If Heaven Gonna Accept Me I Got To Many Sins I Hope God Dont Overlook Me I Hope He Understand Free All The Real n**** And Trillest Give Them One More Chance Until That Happen Ima Be They m********** Spokesman
[Chorus x2]
Everythang I Claim To Be That Whats The Streets Tell Me This Music s*** Just Make Stars But Streets Make Legends Not Bein Real But Stayin Real That Been My Biggest Blessin These n***** Hate U When U Got It That Been My Biggest Lesson But Aint No Hoe That Can Hurt Me Aint A n**** That Can Scare Me I Was Born To Be A Real n**** So Ima Die One 100% Real n**** Real As They Come Remember When Bein A Real n**** Used To Mean Sumthin These n***** Rather U Lie To Em The Truth They Run From Ima Self Made m****f**** Thanks I Owe None The n***** That Had It All Done Lost It Dats Who I Learn From Ima Real n**** 365 Until Im Done
[Chorus x2]
Bein A Real n**** Thats A f*** n***** Dream But Thats A Milestone Only A Few n***** Can Obtain This s*** Aint Bout Money This s*** Aint Bout Fame This s*** A Way Life It Aint Bout What U Claim Only God Can Judge Me Thats Bullshit You Really Felt Like That Why U Tryin To Impress A b**** The Streets Opinion Matter Thats Why Im On G s*** My Name Is All I Got Im Willin To Die For That s*** I Wont Change For Nuthin What U See Is What U Get A Real n**** And A f*** n**** Is Sumthin Dat Dont Mix I Got My Own Cash Never Been A Yes Man The Few n***** In The Streets Left Im Ur Biggest Fan

[Chorus x2]
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