"Afraid of This World"

AFRAID OF THIS WORLD Lyrics by Purification
Afraid of this world
Afraid of what surrounds me
Where living beings are used as things
And greed and avarice prevail
Over all justice and decency
Girls selling their bodies in the streets
Forests burning, wildlife disappearing
And children dying without even being born

An entire planet feeding on carcasses
Overpopulated and polluted, addicted to drugs and alcohol
Blood and sweat pouring from the hands of a society on the verge of self
Hostage of weakness and debauchery

As I venture into the realms of corruption and vice
A sea of famished filthy hands reach to infect me

Innocence is dying in this sick and lonely world
Careless of all identity, desperate and cold
Fall from grace
They cower and plead
For mercy and leniency
For salvation and release

But the chance to redeem is a far off memory
There is no salvation, to be seen
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