R Kelly

"Feelin' on Yo Booty (Hypnosis mix)"

Mm d*** this sound familiar
This sound real familiar

What remix is this (feelin' on yo booty)4x
Verse 1

VIP wit all my thugs, Hennessy make me tear up the club
Drop top V, rollin' on dubs
Chicken heads, showin' nutin' but love
So much money
Hands in the air like what the f**k
DJ say this mix is the cut
'cause we be on the flo' like we some rugs
So come here gurl, give daddy a hug
Don't play me, like I'm one of these scrubs
Girl if you don't get yo a** off up here and get yo a** in this tub
So much money
See I ain't drunk but I'm real nice
n***** high like a real kite
Y'all know this remix is real tight

What remix is this (feelin' on yo booty)4x
Sean Paul

Take off that, sip on this, you dealin' wit a thug now
You done seen the grip and done felt the whip, wanna get hugged now
She luv the slang, she luv the game, luv that I hang in these streets
Light-skinned Charmagne po' little thang used to break me off every week
But I'm a soldier, what I tol' her, I sell doja (I sell doja)
Want me to hol' her, I don't luh ya, I'm a roller yeah
And from the heart, don't fall apart girl we could never be
Knew what it was, from the start girl can't get mad at me
I'm bout da bread, yeah Sean Paul's a paper chaser yeah
But you my cutie, wit da booty, girl can't replace it yeah
My down b****, off the rip from your's truly
I'll be smokin' my swishers witcha feelin' on ya booty

What remix is this (feelin' on yo booty)4x
See I'm a be the first to tell ya yeah ya got me sprung
The way you flirt, the way you burp it, work it, wit yo tounge
Sophisticated, underrated, girl you're like a pro
Like Jodeci you got me feenin', leanin' wantin' mo
Cause ain't no topic got a body like I never seen
The perfect a** when you pass, the way ya fit them jeans
Ok now, you here, you fly, oh yeah
I'm still a pimp if you forgot, yeah I'm from ATL
So come one, come all, if not, yo loss
Too bad, so sad, yo bad, yo fault
Cause this here, ain't nothin
See we be, just f**kin
That's it, that's all
Ya got ta be bluffin

What remix is this (feelin' on yo booty)4x

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