Rahsaan Patterson

"One More Night"

ONE MORE NIGHT Lyrics by Rahsaan Patterson
Stay. . .
Please stay. . .
One more night
I can't understand why you're leaving me
You're going too early baby stay at home
Cause home is right here with me

Baby I can make it right
I'm begging you to see

Stay. . .
Please stay. . .
One more night
I know I haven't been always been there for you
I want you to understand my feelings they're still true
My love is just as strong as on the day we met
And if you can one night, I'll prove my love to you

We can do it
Baby we can do it tonight


I'm in no way prepared for you to leave
The thought of you leaving me drives me crazy
I'm down on my knees and here I will stay
All I need is one more night to make you stay
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