Old Brown Dog Lyrics

OLD BROWN DOG Lyrics by Ralph McTell
That old brown dog sleeps in the rain, F G Amin F
Unless the sun has shone. F C G
That old brown dog is all alone, F G Amin F
Since Old Bill been gone. F C G
And sleeping in the rain F C
Only gives a dog a bad name. Amin F
If Bill were alive C F
Well I know he would decide C F
To have the same thing done. F G
That old brown dog he smells so bad, F G Amin F
Say the people from the town. F C G
That old brown dog is almost lame, F G Amin F
Someone should put him down. F C G
It would be an act of kindness, F C
You know it's for the best. Amin F
You bring a rope, bring a gun, C F
And it'll all be over C F
Before the dog can guess. F G
Could an old brown dog have become wise F G Amin F
Guessed they were all after him. F C G
His hearing was failing, and his eyes F G Amin F
Were fast growing dim. F C G
On the day they came to kill him F C
He sensed a rabbit on a log. Amin F
Did anybody see a rabbit C F
Chased across the meadows C F
By an old brown dog. F G
That old brown dog, tail wagging, F G Amin F
As he laid himself down. F C G
It did not seam to matter, F G Amin
That the rabbit had long gone to ground. F C G
And there in the summer heat, F C
His old heart ceased to beat. Amin F
And high above the meadow C F
The skylarks singing C F
As the spark went out. F G

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