Robben Ford


BONNIE Lyrics by Robben Ford
Twenty-one days of travel
I played twenty one night stands
Too many nights trying to call you on the phone
I made my flight this morning
And taxied into town
Wondering did you spend your nights alone
Now who do I chance to meet?
Hand in hand on Dixon street?
Hey Bonnie where have you been
And who is your friend
Did I pretend to be surprised
That you won't look me in the eyes
Bonnie where have you been
Who is your friend?
Is our sweet thing over
Did I just walk away?
I thought I saw you in Amsterdam
I dreamed of you in Rome
By Madrid I couldn't get you off my mind
It's 3:00 AM in L.A.
I still can't find you home
I'll be home soon but I'm worried 'bout what I'll find
Now I see him here with you
What am I supposed to do?
Guitar solo

Now you say you're just having a drink
What am I supposed to think?

Guitar solo and out
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