Robben Ford

"Let Me In"

LET ME IN Lyrics by Robben Ford
If you take my hand
All that I feel
Will be revealed
If you except my love
All of my passion
Will start to flow

All I've wanted to share
But your door was never open

Say you'll let me in
Say you'll let me in

When I close my eyes
I lay with the longing
To be with you
And from the time I rise
I'm writing songs to sing to you

In between come the dreams
Of sailin' your love like an ocean

Say you'll let me in
Say you'll let me in

Keepin' me waiting
Longing, aching
Waiting for your love to set me free
If your of this mind
I won't disappoint you
I'd rather die

And if you break my heart
Still my days,
Will have had their meaning

For even love, can end
But I'm here to take my chances

Say you'll let me in
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