Sass Jordan

"Sun's Gonna Rise"

SUN'S GONNA RISE Lyrics by Sass Jordan
You know I've seen that face before
I'm not sure if I want it to be
that old face I used to see.
cause that's the one that left me all alone
took my feelings and hung them out to dry
never gave a reason why
yes I know I fell from grace before
but all that's gonna end
sun's gonna rise again
I'll be listening to those lies again
sun's gonna rise
cos (cause) I went back for more
guess I never learned my lesson well
I went straight back into hell
but when the lightning hits the stormy sky
no one cares about who'll be left to cry
and there ain't no reason why
yes I know I led the chase before
the chase is gonna end

you feeling sorry for yourself
don't affect my mental health no more
I've had enough and it's over
Chorus again
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