"To the Ancient Gods"

TO THE ANCIENT GODS Lyrics by Seawolves
Vanished from the surface of knowledge
Cast into the abyss of ignorance
Slumbering, yet never really asleep
Powers from the time when the Earth was born
Back from the mist of time
The ancient gods await for their chance
To smite the unbelievers again
And rise to full might again

Óðinn arise, Þórr arise
Óðinn arise, Þórr arise
To the ancient gods
We, the ones who never betrayed
We held fast to the ancients gods
The day has come to meet them again
And see mighty Earth"s Son crush "em with the hammer!

And now, that the time has come
There"s but one choice left:
Know your mythology, know your origin kin
Stay true to the ancient traditions and your gods
For they"re gonna crush everyone
Who stands in their way
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