Seventh Wonder

"Destiny Calls"

DESTINY CALLS Lyrics by Seventh Wonder
Falling forsaken Through the dark
Tick-Tock time is ticking backwards
Can't Deny
Watching a Man Spawned from a kiss
Settle a coin toss for his odd loss
It's alright now they cannot hold me down
Blinded eyes open before Us
- I just don't know why
That the two were gone forever in time
Open Up my mind tonight
Open Up My eyes

When Destiny Calls I'm A man
Who will rise above the fire
Paradise - Waits forever
I won't apologize - from the shadows
I rise to her warm Embrace

When love hurts...
I will always find the way to carry you
Since we have the truth
Bothering visions I can see
Left all alone inside this house
Of fear and night
Cruing in the hallway on my knees...
Battling a stranger who will change her
I'm alright now but I can't figure out
The Things I am feeling inside me
- I just had to cry
And the love survived
Through the oceans of time
Not one of us will leave tonight
But only one will stay
When Destiny Calls I'm a man
Who will rise above the fire
In her eyes - destiny calls
I went beyond all lies - from the shadows
I rise to her loving face

Is there someone there I feel so scared
Playtime's over now
I open the door And Sit By the age-old mirror

Raise my head and stare into
broken eyes of another
I have found myself,
locked in the both of them
Hear me now,
I'm throwing my bonds away!
Throwing all my bonds away!
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