Seventh Wonder

"Tears for a Father"

TEARS FOR A FATHER Lyrics by Seventh Wonder
What's going on inside of you?
Still wonder if my voice is reaching through to you

First day of school today
And I was late
'cause of the glass by mama's bed
I think she's missing you
Miss angel told us: 'write some lines about Your families'
I finished First
I turned in blank
Don't wanna play another day without you
Oh - daddy open up your tired eyes
Want you to watch my games and say you're proud of me
Want you to do whatever fathers do...

Today my best friend Tim and me
Stole apples from the Milhouse tree
Please don't tell
I know you won't tell
If she finds out that i've been bad
She gets so sad and when she does,
The muddy water helps her Smile
A While....
But I wont Cry no I wont, I'll Be strong
Goodnight dad
I will turn the radio on
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