Seventh Wonder


UNBREAKABLE Lyrics by Seventh Wonder
Among Us all who live inside the town's eyes
oh - tell me what's the catch?
We Harbor dark and light...
I can see Young ones in the park
with the smiles they're playing
(high on dreams)
I need to feel real - just like that
How Good you are!
We live in Paradise...

The park lies by the high-rise
Casting Shadows cold and dark
A lonely face in the window
Seeks to cloud their dreams
She envíes the light of his ways

How Can I stand in peace and watch as
the will of smile has gone
how can it be?
Merges as Darkness
will Follow and enter the light
Or is it just the way
The human Nature Fails to keep up high
and let the shadow break the unbreakable

Everyone tells you
'bout this place where sun shines
where all the children play
oh - how it pleases my heart

Everyone there knows not to go inside
the tall house
(that Children Fear)
Inside a darkened
Whose l*** for live has left for Paradise
Watching every single daybreak without hope
lookin back in time
to find something real
to hols close to her heart
there are places in her memory
She just cannot reach
tears from a lady
Hit The ground as she is crying out his name
She's taking her own life
breath by breath prepares for death
All alone in the world she's trapped without her dreams
imagine the pain she must feel
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