Silent Fall

"Play With Fire"

PLAY WITH FIRE Lyrics by Silent Fall
These waves ripple in front of my eyes
And I feel the heat deep inside
This dance of colours so fascinating
Put a spell on me
This force has a power
That no one can explain
And this light is still dancing
And captivates me
Now it's too late because the match has been struck
You should run away
If only you had known earlier who I am
But now it's too late
Pyromaniac Rage boiling in the blood of my veins
Don't try to stand in my way 'cause I play with fire
I am the evil on Earth but I'm a master of Hell
You will rejoin ashes 'cause I play with fire
These waves ripple in front of your eyes
And you feel the fear deep inside
But the day of your has come
You'll be ready for your urn
This force can't be put out
Why do you try to pray
Soon your body will be burning
I'll put you to the torch
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