INTOVISION Lyrics by Sistars
I've been confused for a while
When I saw you baby with a smile on your face, oh
It was shinning so bright
Was It just a dream? Did I poss someone alse?
Now I am glad to know
Its not a fairy tale thing
So I think about you Every night and day
every night and day
One hundred years of solitude is gone now
This is the age of me in love for the first time
How come, no blood or tears?
Was it just a dream, maybe it wasn't me.
I did some things I wouldn't do in my past life
without a shame of doudts it was so natural
I let go through my third eye
See my indigo baby get high.
There's a s***e wisdom that flows throug my wains
I can face people but see someone alse
there's a rare knowledge that I found in me
with my eyes cosed Iknow how to see.
There is my kingdom I take everywhere
With my b***erfly's wings wings I fly or I stay.
There's a mystic connection for you and I
You are my herats reflection You're my star in the sky.
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