Skin Deep

"No More Games"

NO MORE GAMES Lyrics by Skin Deep
Baby just stop (I'm so tired of playin')
stop (no more games)
Baby just stop (I'm so tired of playin')
stop (no more games)
I'm on my way out
so many things that you've done wrong
you've fooled, you lied, cheated
now my love is gone
and I gave you all I had in this world
now I'm happy to say you're not needed for my girl
I can remember days you were going to the movies
my best friend said he saw you
and you were not with me
now I don't want no explanation
don't give me no excuse
girl I'm cutting you off now
for your constant love abuse

Repeat chorus

I gave you all the lovin' that you wanted baby
and even though I tried it wasn't enough for you lady
my heart was all that you needed
and now it's over and it's time for you to deal with it
Little Kim's rap:
baby, it's the finest, dimest
what you talkin' 'bout you wanna wine this
get to know me
I need that full metal jacket
like Tom Hanks banks the chips
be out pack the clips
Junior M.A.F.I.A. sticks
any n**** tryin' disrespect who I be
cuz I roll with B.I.G.
in the 6 double o XL
shoes from chanel
I be that female
can't you tell living well
parasuco full of lucho
little kim be solo, papi chulo
wanna see me smile
pop the cristal
so I can get my drink on
and get skindeep on you creeps
tryin' to do me
by taking me to dinner and the movies
you jus a big silly frontin' w****
baby bro, you got to go
don't take it personal
kill the games
it's just one a them things
Repeat chorus to fade
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