Soilent Green


ANTIOXIDANT Lyrics by Soilent Green
At the point of impact, check your pulse
Around this time all hell will be breaking loose
Pry these praying fingers from god's unfaithful stance
Done all that you could but you still might have a chance
Promises swarmed with lies of respect
Blackness consumes this heart
Exhausted from the voice in your head
But they're wrong again
Swift evolution by extension of this judgement
Given the strength to exceed
Never crawl on hands and knees
Even though we risked our lives
Never surrender to blood filled eyes
Feeling unstable
This growth of rage
Forced out of hiding
How long can you last?
In a few minutes, all will be done
Another war sealed another battle won
Wait till we get out
Wait till they blow this place to kingdom come
Sensation of conforming
Abort this exploited taste
Removed from all reality
Burnt into a collective memory
Thief of time
Never get the days back
This could be your last
Speak your truth
Head them off at the pass
A trick that makes the front page
Resume these threats
Inherit these losses
This voice of hatred
Broken wrists of treason
Be precise in dealing out the wrong cards
Friends and family
Tears from the token elegy
Persistence in abrasive reaction
For a total numbing effect for emotion
Slip into this notion of desensitized meaning
You're a scorned kid that needs special attention
Universal studies of a group behavior has played a role in creating this madness.
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