"You Made It Look So Easy"

YOU MADE IT LOOK SO EASY Lyrics by Stavesacre
I was almost home when I noticed the blood was mine
And standing at my door
Was a stranger with the widest smile I'd ever seen
"Hello, there.'

From high up on my pile of bones
A monument to aspiration
Suddenly cold and exposed
He was laughing at my realization

Hello, hello
You made it look so easy
Hello, hello
You made it look so easy
He said, "Seasons come and go.'
I lied and said, "I'm waiting for my time.'
He said, "Brother, you've been paid in full,
You know you got yours, now I get mine.'

"Come with me, everyone's waiting.
I saved a place for you.
Come with me, time is a'wastin'.
I got a place for you,
I've got a place for you.'
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