Sunday Munich

"Smallest Tragedy"

SMALLEST TRAGEDY Lyrics by Sunday Munich
Dust has settled on my frame of mind
Misunderstood prices paid blindly for your sins
Remedies and resolutions unreachable from here
Past the point of solution
But inside your eyes there's nothing left to see
Just a dull reflection of what I use to be
No more us just me and just you and just things that aren't true
There's no more tolerance in me no patience no understanding

I'm simply worn out run out of answers
Your foundation laid with confusion
Bruises my confidence in myself and in you
And modern concrete and dreams
Perched on the verge of truth
He reached inside my womb
And retrieved a circus of my masquerades
Dense, thick with facades and rotten with time
And replaced inside my tiny belly
What he thought there sound be
And in my grew the smallest tragedy
And what do you have to say
Silence breaks across your lips
Luscious and delicious darling deafened by your indifference
My cradle up inside with my own shadows
I find it hard
Hard to see things for what they are
I stuff and swallow them these razor sharp memories
And they cut on the inside
Where it's most unapparent to you
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