Systems In Blue

"A Thousand and One Nights"

A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS Lyrics by Systems In Blue
Yesterday is yesterday
Time to say goodbye
Losing hearts are gone astray - don´t cry
Sailing ships to history
On the wings of destiny
And the night comes falling from the sky
The oriental rain
Told me love will ease my pain
And I know you feel the same

A thousand and one nights
It´s a fairytale when you´re by my side
A thousand and one nights
I promise my love is your delight
A thousand and one nights - we were in heaven
A thousand and one nights - a mystery
A thousand and one dreams - it´s five, two, seven
Love is the key - Open Sesame
A thousand and one nights
Yesterday is yesterday
Time will come and go
Memories will fade away - you know
Love is like a fantasy
Lonely tears run endlessly
When you lose your greatest dream - oh no
The oriental moon
Told me love is coming soon
And my heart will be in tune
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