Systems In Blue

"Every Little Thing"

EVERY LITTLE THING Lyrics by Systems In Blue
It´s four o´clock - a lonely night
I cannot sleep - I cannot hide
The rain of Avalon will never lie
My greatest love - she breaks my heart
Old memories - I tear apart
The rain of Avalon will pass me by
She told me once - she told me twice
My love is not her paradise
She said to me: 'It´s time to say goodbye'

Every little thing - I do for you
Every little word - I say it´s true
Why can´t we stay together
Just forever
Like great lovers do
Every little dream - I dream tonight
Every little kiss - please hold me tight
Oh baby I´m so lonely
You´re the only
Oh baby love me, too
Every little thing - I´ll make it true
Oh heaven must be missing you
Cause you´re an angel, baby
Drive me crazy
Never make me blue
Every little smile - oh night and day
Your love is just a breath away
I feel your love is stronger
Wait no longer
All I want is you
Night in night out - I´m missing you
A broken heart - painted in blue
The rain of Avalon will never lie
A girl like you - a boy like me
This love is such a tragedy
She said to me: 'It´s time to say goodbye'
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