The Axis Of Awesome

"Business Man"

BUSINESS MAN Lyrics by The Axis Of Awesome
I'm a business man, Look at my business plan
I'm boarding a flight on my way to Japan

I spend most of my time in the airport lounge
Like the stock market I'm about to get down
I'm in a big hurry so move your a**
I've got a hot towel waiting in business class

An economic structure of modern finance
Is having hyper inflation in the stock of my pants

I'm reading a copy of Financial Times
I make millions of dollars, you make nickels and dimes

I'm better than you just look at this suit
You think a Blackberry is an African fruit

Business Man
Business Man
I sit at the front of the plane
in seat more comfortable than yours

I'm away from my home nine months of the year
This isn't a job it's business career
I've got high blood pressure, I'm a terrible dad
You take the business good with the business bad

My wife's all alone in our giant mansion
She's on anti-depressants, I do profit expansion
She keeps telling me that she wants to divorce
The b**** signed a pre-nup, I'll see you in court

I eat alone
I drink alone
I sleep alone with medium to high class prostitutes

iPhone, iPad, PDA
I'm connected to the world in a business way
Cancel that booking, Change that flight
There's a business crisis, we must business all night

I business on land and I business in the sky
and I business on the toilet without business I'd die

We business as much as our schedules allow
This song's tax deductible, we're businessing now

I have more fancy shoes
Than you have regular shoes
And they're all black
And we'll wear them while we kick your a**

It's not a birthmark it's a scar

If your having money problems I feel bad for you son...
Well actually I don't your obviously bad with business
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