The Blackfire Revelation

"Battle Hymn"

BATTLE HYMN Lyrics by The Blackfire Revelation
Ladies and Gentlemen

Well I want you to know
That some things in life
They work out alright -
You just give 'em time
And I want you to know
That you can change your mind
And those that don't stick with you-
You just leave 'em behind.

Well it's so easy
You should give it a try
Don't let other people
Run your life.
And everyday baby
you know you decide
You make it something,
or you can let it die.
You only got one soul.
You got too much soul.
Once you get a hold,
You get out of control.
Well you don't have to kill.
You don't have to lie.
Don't let other people
Waste your time.
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