Blades in Autumn Lyrics

As he turned to go I could tell he was angry
But I would not back down from what I knew to be right.
To ask him to choose between honor and duty;
To aid in my capture or abet in my flight.
He knew of my plans, he knew I was leaving
and it offered him the choice to remain or to fly.
To stay in the place where he knew all the answers
Or to face the unknown in the sky.
He strode 'cross the grounds looking for isolation
Skipping stones on the lake to clear up his mind.
He was lost in the dark and the choice laid before him
And whom to disappoint he could not decide.
It was down by that lake that his father then found him
And they sat in the silence and brooded a while.
At last, he said "Son, I know that she's leaving.
And I know, too, you're thinking of going along.
I remind you a man isn't judged by his orders
But the actions he takes and things he decides."
He looked at his blade as it flashed 'cross the moon
In the moment he knew what his future must be.
No longer lost, he had made his decision.
The freedom of choice had in turn made him free.
He raised his father's sword and watched it gleam.
The shadows on the moon made shapes
Of everything he'd ever dreamed.
His anger washed away upon the wind
And left behind a sense of peace,
Anticipation to begin.
And when we met again we did not speak.
He simply nodded yes to me.
A day from now we would be free.

Fly, fly with me.

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