The Ergs

"See Him Again"

SEE HIM AGAIN Lyrics by The Ergs
You and I
Could never see eye to eye
Cause you were always making his day
And you're always making me wait
I can see
The smiles that you gave to me
And taken back and meant for someone else
I don't know

But I guess it's slightly better than being alone
Getting half your saccharine kisses to call my own
When you say, "I'll never leave, rest a**ured"
It's the greatest lie I've ever heard
And I believe every word

I can see
The smiles that you gave me
Are faded and non-existent now
And so am I
And anyway it's gonna work out right for you
If you leave cause he's a better me for you
But if you stay there's something I must ask of you
If you see him again
Tell him you never wanna see him again
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