The Eyes Of A Traitor

"Into Dust"

INTO DUST Lyrics by The Eyes Of A Traitor
It starts, and it ends with you
I can't believe everything that i've been through
Let go, you're my world and you're weighing me down
And my dreams, have become my reality, what the hell's the matter with me
I can't take it anymore
And night after night you're in my dreams
I can never stop dreaming, I can never stop screaming
And in my dreams, you're the only one who visit's me
I would leave it all behind, but every memory of you is stuck in my mind
But only time will tell, will this be our last farewell
I was blind before, of that f****** w****
I gutted everything we had for a night of l***, we've turned to dust
Take it from me, you better believe, when you die, no one will grieve
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