The Japanese House

"Face Like Thunder"

FACE LIKE THUNDER Lyrics by The Japanese House
[Verse 1]
I couldn't speak so I slurred while I looked for a word
But you left just before I could find it
I sat by myself and I stared at the pictures of you on the wall
I kissed the floor, curled up in a ball
There's nothing coming out of my mouth so I said nothing at all

Babe, you've got a face like thunder
Always trying to get out with another
Just stay still 'til I say it's over
Babe, you've got a face like thunder
[Verse 2]
And you question your lover, did she really believe
That this new taste of love is obsolete? -
It just couldn't compete and so you'll keep dragging your body through life by the hair so you can say that you've been somewhere and you don't care of your receipt
You're sentenced to death and you can't be reprieved

Say sorry for a while, for a while, for a while
You know I didn't mean it
I said something terrible and I tried to redeem it
I can be so cruel but though I don't seem it

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