The Jolly Rogers

"Up Boys Up"

UP BOYS UP Lyrics by The Jolly Rogers
There were thirty pirate ships a-sailing on that sea
Bloodthirsty cruel and heartless all in good company.
We were on the point just scouting out the path
Looking for fresh victims, escape the Navy's wrath
The ship's name was Redemption, the captain Marcus Flynn
We were the finest cabin boys that there had ever been.
The ship was at the ready, the mast was strong and tall
With Flynn's eye on the horizon we waited for the call

Up boys up boys go on up aloft
Climb boys climb boys climb the riggin' high.
Up boys up boys go on up aloft
Tell me boys tell me boys tell me what you spy

With our pirate armada we rolled down the Spanish Main
The crews all got their riches and the captain got his fame
None could stand against us at least not very long
Flynn called us his secret weapon and he was never wrong
We would sail along just waiting for a target to be found
Ready to spring to action the moment we heard the sound
One would watch the target while the other flagged the rest
And no other sound brought more of a swell to our chests


We ate at the captain's table and drank the captain's wine
He'd ask how he was doing and we would say just fine.
We were all just cabin boys still finding our way 'round
But Flynn he put his trust in us and we never let him down

While the rest were working on what needed to be done
There were always at least two of us just waiting for our run
We'd all watch the Captain for his customary grin
And we'd be at the ready when those orders came from Flynn.

When they tell the stories of this infamous trip
They all hail the captain for his prowess with the ship
And we were all just cabin boys nothing much to boast
But Flynn he gave us credit with each and every toast.

Now I am the captain a ship of my very own
I remember my old Captain and the kindness I was shown
Late at night when all is still except a haunting wind
My heart will race as I can hear Flynn's orders once again

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