The Palmer Squares


STONY-BROKE Lyrics by The Palmer Squares
Pay him. Pay that man his money

All powerful, all perfect, all knowing and all wise
Somehow... Just can't handle money!
He always needs money!
[Verse 1: Acumental]
f*** a six figure salary
I want the glitz and the glam and that'd be making other rich people mad at me
Coins and bank notes, your boy will take those
I'm trying to turn this pumpkin to a royal stage coach
The dollar sign's out of sight, not out of mind
So when I spot it on the line I stop on a dime
To steal a worm from the early bird's nest yo
See me and Term need to learn to burn less dough
I'd save it up but times are tough
And the truth is that I could really use it sooner
People saying money can't buy you love, well
I don't want love, I want a new computer, c'mon
Somebody throw me a bone
Punching numbers like a rotary phone but still I'm broke and alone
Got moths in my piggy bank
My whip stalls on the interstate
Getting ripped off now I litigate
The root of all evil causing global debacles
Burning holes in my pocket, so I go to McDonalds
When there's food in the fridge, you know how stupid that is
While these lawyers and employers keep withholding a profit
Can't help and debate if it's worth the fee
I certainly hate that I basically work for free
Exchanging my currency for eighters of purple weed
To keep me level-headed in case of emergency
My wallet is dry 'til it fall from the sky
Nobody defaults on their finance more often than not
See we burn it, we spend it, we earn it, we lend it
Keeps the world turning, the circle is endless
Money, it don't grow on a tree branch
About to go broke, someone throw me the greenbacks
Money, yeah you put it where your mouth is
Looking for it underneath the cushions on the couch
It's money
We could all use a little more
To move around from the mall to the liquor store
Money, they say it's equal to time
The fees and the fines will keep you in line
It's called money

[Break: Fred Jung]
Sometimes you're flush and sometimes you're bust
And when you're up, it's never as good as it seems
And when you're down, you never think you'll be up again
But life goes on

[Verse 2: Terminal Knowledge]
I'm unemployed about to graduate
They want my family fortune and about every frog skin I have on me
They want a portion of your salary
Well that's the kind of s*** that's gonna cause you to retaliate
But they're the ones with a***nals and cavalries
So who's the war between?
Right corner corporate greed, the left, a horde of sheep
Stop the lies, the profit rises no matter how many cardboard signs you occupy
Should have gave half a rat's a** back in math class
Enslaved to the back tax, flag at half mast
My life is straight but it lacks cash
White belt up against the sensei with a black sash
Big toe pops through the hole in my crew sock
Stony broke with no moolah
When my ship comes in I'll fold new stacks
C-notes in a s*****x
Until then I need to get some ends
You could bet your bottom ruble
That I got a belly full of ramen noodle, and I'm out of luker
Call them dollars, call them pesos, yo I call it play-doh
Because all I got is small potatoes
Pocket full of lint, better get the readies
Because it's hell living this s*** skimp, penniless
Dreaming of spending them stiff presidents
Move from brick tenements to the king's residence
Pay the mortgage on the poor house
Those who ignore the door mouse lose heads
From shore to shore, north south and the middle
I can't afford to give you any more than my two cents
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