The Pinkerton Thugs


TOGETHER Lyrics by The Pinkerton Thugs
They think they know whats best for you
But have they walked a mile in your boots
This scene is me this scene is you
We're the wheels that make it turn
Went down to Kenmore the other day
Where us punks used to hand
The Rats boarded up, its been bought out
Theres not a whisper where we used to shout

We're all in this
We may never get anywhere
Yeah somedays I don't wanna care
But once your eyes are open they can't be shut
At least we're tryin' thats goof enough

I haven't lost my edge
I haven't lost my faith
We still need to overthrow this state
I still hate the rich
I still hate the cops
I still hate the clubs that rip us off
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