The Reign Of Kindo

"The Man the Wood & the Stone"

THE MAN THE WOOD & THE STONE Lyrics by The Reign Of Kindo
There once lived a man, long ago
In a land of days dark and cold
Blessed with gifted hands, some wood and stone
Birthed a glowing flame that none had known
The people gathered around
From every land and town

They'd never seen such a wonder, such warmth and such light
Dancing and blazing throughout the cold nights
He showed them how they too could make such a fire with their own two hands
With their own two hands
Well, the priests and the preachers, they heard of this man
How his teachings of fire quickly spread through the land
They feared such a power ought not rest in the hands of plain men
So they conspired to end him, in secret you see,
But the people wanted answers, so quite cleverly
They built a shrine and throne
For the man, the wood, and the stone
People worshiped on
But oh, the flame was gone
And they were taught, "Man is evil,
he must do as the law requires.
And he must never,
Oh but never play with fire."
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