The Tiger Lillies Lyrics

HAILSTONES Lyrics by The Tiger Lillies
On the first day in my tin shack
I took cocaine and I took crack
And I heard the hailstones falling down
And in those hailstones I drown
On the second day in my shack of tin
I took angel dust and heroin
And the hailstones I heard them fall
I thought I heard God call

And the hailstones

On the third day in my house of tin
I took strychnine
On the fourth day in my tin home
I made a chapel all alone
By crucifixes I did lie
Then I heard a voice cry
And the hailstones

On the fifth day in my home of tin
A voice came from within
Outside the hailstones did fall
It wasn't God who did call
And the hailstones

And on the sixth day in my tin home
I died all alone
On the seventh day
Hailstones heavy as lead beat me
Till I was dead

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