The Zombies

"Hung Up on a Dream (mono)"

HUNG UP ON A DREAM (MONO) Lyrics by The Zombies
Well, I remember yesterday
Just drifting slowly through a crowded street
With neon darkness shimmering through the haze
A sea of faces rippling in the heat
And through that namesless changing crowd
A sweet vibration seemed to fill the air
I stood astounded staring hard
At men with flowers resting in their hair
A sweet confusion filled my mind
Until I woke up only finding everything was just a dream
A dream unusual of its kind
That gave me peace and blew my mind
And now I'm hung up on a dream
(Verse 2)
They spoke with soft persuading words
About a living creed of gentle love
And turned me on to sounds unheard
And showed me strange and clouded sights above
Which gently touched my aching mind
And soothed the wanderings of my troubles mind
Sometimes I think I'll never find
Such purity and peace of mind there
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