Coporeal Lyrics

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Small talk happens in my home town
Bodies walk but don't move too much around
It's a safe dirt nap town where you can make a friend
As fast as you can put one, put one in the ground
I never thought much of heart, beating or other wise
There wasn't much in the sound, wrapping my ears in
And you may say god's got it in for us
But I'm not sure he's around or anywhere to be found around

A glazed stare is a common one in this town
Tongues are known to hang as low as the clouds
You were gold when you arrived, but the rain came down
And showed that you were tin, that you were tin
It isn't nothing at all
Brushed off in a subtle way
You turn shallow

My fingers dip way in your skin
Exposing the scales you've been hiding
Covering this whole time
The sea may wash you away
The ground ate you whole
The trees may come alive
May come alive and constrict

The mountains may split
And cave into the turf
Forever infinite
Opened wide

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