Tinchy Stryder

"Catch 22"

CATCH 22 Lyrics by Tinchy Stryder
I call it preview
cause that was just a preview

I'm in my zone
I'm really in the zone
this place is full of plastic face
i call him sillicone, cone, yeah
and I think I miss my home
I think they kinda miss me too
but the love is really shown
no, cos I ain't talkin bout my family
talkin bout some real friends
that used to stand beside me
they think I'm a millionaire
they whisper words behind me
roll ... still here
so I respect them highly
they know I'm in the game
and I know I top the charts
I need them all to feel my pain
this is the part I can't explain
industry twisted,
this a complicated business
tryna bring them friends is easier said
than done, believe this
it's either this or that
the top is a lonely place
the hood, the roads ain't safe
the writing's there ...in blood
and this is what I dreamed about
but in the dream I weren't alone
the stars, a home
It's a catch 22
I call it catch 22
This is catch 22
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