Todd Rundgren

"Cold Morning Light"

COLD MORNING LIGHT Lyrics by Todd Rundgren
I believe if I was all alone,
I would be better off in a world my own
I'd forget I ever knew of you, and this dream every
Night that you put me through
We walk along a Hollywood sea

And you dance once again with me
We are close, we are friends
And our love never ends
But in the cold morning light I see
That you won't be back for me
The wound you left is healing and then
It starts itching and I scratch it open again
So the pain comes out and I give in

And indulge my
Imaginations, whims
We sit and drink Victorian tea

And your face wears a smile for me
I was yours, you were mine
Our hearts bound, lost in time
But in the cold morning light I see
That you won`t be back
For me there can be no peace
For me there can be no rest
I believe though I've tried my best
I'm condemned it seems to a life of
Restlessness and broken dreams
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