Trauma Lyrics
"Cortex Deformation"

Deviation, Hate, Aggression
Struggle for Life

What's our mind ike
What's hidden inside
Hidden recesses
The fold
They carry the grain of blood
Stuffed with the world's carcass
We feed our worm
Which gnaws at our entrails

Abnormally we lap our victim's blood
We gain new sensations which cause
Cortex deformation
Deviation, Hate, Aggression
Stench of rotten brain

It is our food, like ravenous woodworms
We penetrate our mind's crust
To find the stench and rot
So we relish the pain and ecstasy of this deed.

How much pleasure sadism gives us.
Masochism in its perverse wear
How much bliss is in our victms: screams.
These deeds drive us to erection.
Deviation, Hate, Aggression
Stench of evaporating bowels

We cannot resist this theater of grotesque and atrocity
Where main part play marquess and marchioness de sade!
Lets bow to the audience and tear their sweet throats
Let's sink our mouth in the steamy scarlet sea

We are all dead!

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