Trophy Scars

"Addict Addicts"

ADDICT ADDICTS Lyrics by Trophy Scars
This will be the last time that you'll ever see me blink
I'm over breaking bottles, broken hearts and rusty ink
I think it's cause I'm thinking that it's hard for me to think
Without me breathing heavy after buying you a drink
Now I'm getting older and I know that you are too
It's kinda getting hard to let go of things we do
If all of us could stop it would really help me loose
All the little problems that come with my abuse
Wait, can I put you on hold for just a little bit
My throat is getting soar and I think I'm feeling sick
Yeah I'm sick, I'm sick, I'm sick, that's it!
My tongue is swelling up and I'm slipping down the slip...
Now you know that the joke is on you
When you realize that these shrooms go better with juice

"Hi sir! Come meet the Captain!
He wants to know your name,"
I swear he looks so familiar
How'd I get on this plane?
Oh man I ate the whole bag well,
What can you do?
Sometimes it takes time it takes time to
Then they switch the room

I know it's the blood in her dress
That will keep the lions happy
While they roll their cigarettes
Happy serenades armed with hand grenades
A fork stuck in her mouth without the wedding cake
Her teeth are barbed with glass and she's drinking lemonade
Oh save enough for me; you know I love the taste
Get it?
Get it?
Get it?

I want my medicine! (cut the music)
I want to take bath!
I want to write you a letter that says I'm never coming back!
Oh, hunny bunny
Oh, hunny bunny, bunny
I'm never coming back
I'm never ever, ever coming back

And if you want me to stay then you better make a move
I can't loose another year smoking drugs over you
If you need me at all then please tell me now
I won't kiss your dead cheeks with all that dirt in your mouth
I think I've had enough
My belly's boiling up
I'll let my bones melt out and let that rug just eat 'em up
Smear blood through Idaho
From San Fran up to Oregon
I want to lay back down and hope my eyes don't open up
I want to let you to know

I'm not quite over you
I know you love me too
But what's with these drugs we do?

I know you're in the news
You know I'm in the news
Let's just forget our names
And hope that we don't catch the blues

I want my medicine
I want to take a bath
I want to write you letter that says I'm never coming back
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