"She Gets Up"

I know a girl whose laughter makes the whole world feel like it�s brand new again
My lover and then my best friend and when
We talk on the phone she makes my heart groan
Like medicine or Thomas Eddison
She gives me lessons in how to lighten up
My baby but she�s one crazy s***
And that ain�t no disrespect, that�s a compliment (true!)
She�s angelic a smart alec and dynamic
All havoc, making me manic a mad panic
Got me going full throttle like my name was Aristotle
I�m enamoured by the damage that she�s doing causing trouble
And a d*** fool�s how I feel I admit it
Whatever you want sweet girl I�ll go and get it
For the minute I think I�ve said enough
Well I think girl I like you heaps and stuff.

She gets up to rock �n� roll
Gets down with plenty of soul
Is cool and in control
And she warms my bones when the night gets cold
Sweet sould got me on my kneees
My sins are quarantined
And it feels like when I�m being with her
Sweet music baby that�s the word.
She�s the kinda girl who�s got more finesse
She ace every test and she demand respect
She�s got the kinda body that was built for s**
An intellect to match and then smarter than that
She�s one of a kind and when she dance she grinds
She don�t wear much makeup but she makes up her mind
The decisive type she�ll have you in a flash
So you like a car crash? I�ll put you out with the trash
And when she�s comes well she�s loud in the ears
A thousand tears because she�s older than time
A big behind and no career in mind
She�ll give you goosebumps, send a tingle up your spine
I find I�m in step with her when I get next to her
Blow a kiss to her, baby, you�re my cold cure
I could go on you�re all that and more
J�appelle mon ami, je t�adore!
She gets up!
She gets down

We go together like stiff drinks and hangovers
We go together like accidents and blood donors
We go together like we should go together, be together, stay together from now until forever
We go together like coffee and cigarettes
We go together like dogs, cats, and vets
We go together like day going into night
Like if we did get together it would be alright
Well you disarm me and charm me too
I wanna wake up every single morning with you
I know it�s weird, it�s a strange idea
It�s the thing we fear, we said we�d never take it serious
But look at us both happy and delerious
The pair of us, yeah it�s really quite hilarious
We have a good time and make a good team
And I�m keen if you�re keen if you know what I mean!

She gets up!
She gets down
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