Waylon Jennings

"Dixie Hold On: The Drifter"

DIXIE HOLD ON: THE DRIFTER Lyrics by Waylon Jennings
oh Dixie, watch this black cloud roll

she's coming down to tear away your soul
how much longer can you pretend

that your plough ain't threatened by their pen

hold on - oh, oh, oh Dixie hold on

to stand alone and cut America in two

means everything's lost, the constitution's fallen through

to leave the Union is to weaken what is strong

you think it right, they think it morally wrong
but you'll fall - oh, oh, oh Dixie you'll fall

King Cotton, your reign is shadowed with pain

and burning emotion

you need slaves to keep alive

but the North could help you survive
your misguided notion


oh, oh Dixie, you are bold and strong

you could have 'em beat before too long

you have a birthright, a lifestyle to defend

you must hold on, until the very end

hold on - oh, oh, oh Dixie, hold on
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